Featured Artist:

Conrad TenEick

Conrad has been around Blender52 for as long as I can remember, and honestly it has been such a privilege having him as part of our community. Conrad is 13 years old and lives on a boat with his family as they travel around the globe. Yet he still some how finds time to learn and take part in Blender52. I have really enjoyed watching Conrad grow over the months, from a literal beginner, to a full fledged artist with serious skills and a fantastic career in 3D ahead of him. 

 Here is what Conrad had to say about his spot as featured Artist: "Hey everyone, my name is Conrad. I've been a blender user for around 5 years now, and participated in Blender 52 last year. As Abe already mentioned above, I live on a boat, which is a lot of fun. However it can be hard at times, for example we have to reply on solar power, meaning we dont always have electricity. So how did I get started in 3D? As a kid growing up on a boat, I spent most of my time outside and I had hardly heard of the internet. So when I got an email, I discovered a forum for macro photography. I used the family camera to take bug photos and got really into it, and while on the forum one day I came across another photographer who had made a post about Blender. I tried out the program, and even though what I had made was straight from hell I didn't care." "After using blender for around 3 years, I joined the Blender52 discord server. I made a prompt for it, and even though it didn't turn out exactly how I would've liked, I kept at it. I missed quite a few weeks because I took a few trips that year, but I still learned a lot from the weeks I participated in. Blender52 is where I gained most of my blender knowledge that I use in my projects today, and honestly it's probably where some of my best renders came from."
This one is probably my favorite render of 2019, but also took the shortest time to make.
This bar was one of my last blender52 renders of the year, again had a lot of fun with this.
A rolling stone gathers no moss...
And this last one is something I'm really proud of, my first monter sculpt ever.

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