Featured Artist:

Kilian van Hasten

There is no doubt the impact Kilian has had on Blender52 since arriving on the scene last December (2019). His renders were an instant boost to the level of skill on show and his consistency is well acknowledged having not missed a week since joining. Kilian shows a great flair for "Nature" based themes and quickly gained the nickname "Lord of Environment" on our Discord server. Where he has become a popular figure with his willingness to help members and always ready to join in a laugh. Here is what Kilian had to say about his spot as featured Artist: "I have worked in Blender for almost a year, when I was young I used to play video games that had great graphics and environments.I was always looking at the artistic view of games even before I knew how it all worked. I've always dreamed to own my own digital 3D scenes so I looked more into it and slowly began making my own scenes and because of my huge interest, motivation and daily routine I am proud of how I have evolved. I know I will evolve even more in the future. All I can say is that i'm looking forward to my future in 3D." Here are some of Kilians favorite works:  

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