No matter your level of skill, the one week, one prompt, one render format of the basic Blender52 program can be limiting.

As a tool for learning, one week is great, it keeps you moving, trying new things and evolving, however the time limit may prevent you from being able to finish high end scenes.

Blender52 PRO brings 15 prompts across the year

(varying between 3-4 weeks each)

allowing you more time to focus on the project

and produce more advanced, fully established renders.

We recommend using these 15 prompts as potential to create a project with a larger scope, whether it be creating a series of shots, an asset pack or movie.

Blender52 PRO will provide a strong platform, for a year long structured project. So whether you are a long time Blender52 member looking to take the next step or an already established 3D professional looking for a challenge and a great community, then Blender52 PRO is for YOU!

In order to get the maximum benefit from this new advanced program, we recommend becoming a part of our Discord community, this will allow for peer review, accountability and assistance along your journey.

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Blender52 PRO will also offer a "judged" prize for every single prompt.

(You may take part in both classic and PRO versions of Blender52 at the same time. However if you are going pro, I would recommend dedicating your full attention and time to it. Subpar renders will not be accepted as valid submissions under the PRO program.)

This is NOT an excuse to be lazy and members will be expected to apply themselves adequately so that they can achieve the next level on their 3D Journey.   

Blender52 PRO Prompt List
Blender52 PRO Rules