What is B52


Blender52 is a project aimed at keeping Blender artists of all levels inspired and motivated through our 52 weekly prompts with the goal of helping them learn and grow along the way.

You can participate in the project by submitting a render based on this weeks theme.

Simply post your render on Twitter or Instagram and use the #Blender52 Hashtag. 

Alternatively you can join our Discord server where our community of like minded individuals will be quick to help, encourage and have fun.



Are you already a high level user and looking to extend yourself further?
Why not join Blender52 PRO?

Blender52 PRO has a focus on fewer projects across the year, giving you more time to focus on each prompt allowing for a higher level of scope, detail and polish.

Warning this is not for slackers looking to be lazy, but for artists ready to take the next step in creating fuller more involved artworks.


How did Blender52 Happen?

Blender52 is the passion project of Abe Viljoen a designer and artist from South Africa. The Blender52 project started out as a personal New Years resolution for Abe at the end of 2018 and as he succeeded in creating 52 renders in 52 weeks through 2019, Abe watched as the project and community slowly started to gain momentum around him.

Today Blender52 is arguably the fastest growing Blender community in the world.

We have gone from strength to strength and we cannot wait to see what YOU will bring to our community.