Pro Rules


1) All models must be made by yourself. You may use any model you have created at any time.

2) You may use PBR materials from external sources.

3) You may use assets from Quixel/Graswald/The Grove (or similar) but MUST disclose if you do so. These assets must not be the "star" of the scene.

4) You may use artist inspiration such as concept art for your renders, but if you copy it directly you must disclose this when posting the finished work.

5) The Blender52 team reserves the right to NOT accept artwork based on the quality of work presented. These decisions will be final.

6) Only completed artwork will be accepted as a valid submission. Valid submissions count towards your Discord Role and towards possible competitions.

7) This is a tough love program and you will be pushed.

8) Blender52 PRO will also offer a "judged" prize for every single prompt. (These will be eiligible to Discord members ONLY)